Wednesday, April 16, 2008


There is always a demand for chicken and eggs, as they provide protein rich nutrients at lower cost. A poultry farm needs less space and low maintenance cost.

Poultry farming is for those with limited capital, willing for self employment with hard work.

Poultry farming involves breeding and/or raising chickens for various purposes. Farmers must ensure that they are supplied with good quality chicks, give them a balanced feed and most importantly protect the chicks from diseases.


There are three major types of poultry farms.

  • Breeding Farms. They hatch and raise poultry for sale to other farmers.
  • Broiler Farms. They breed or buy chicks for their meat. Day-old chicks are procured and kept for six weeks, until they are ready to be marketed. In broiler farming, the initial investment required is lower and the returns quicker. However it is extremely laborious to look after the chicks.
  • Layer Farms. They raise day-old chicks of light breed for about six months. There after the hens start laying eggs. They are kept for their eggs for a year and then culled. Comparatively the initial investment is higher and the returns slower. But the work involved is less.


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