Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Home based Salon

Hairstyling or hairdressing is the requirement of almost everyone in the world. Every human being in the world, whether being male or female has to concentrate and look after his/her hairs to appear smart. So, this business is of never ending nature. In other words, this hairdressing work is a perennial business and will be alive as long as we are alive. If this business is properly done, a hair stylist will attract many customers repeatedly and can earn from home comfortably.
According to Hindu Mythology, Head shaving is done repeatedly many timed for the young children. Head shaving is also done to son, when his father or mother dies. Head shaving is done in temples and the hairs are donated to temples. Tirupati Temple in Andrapradesh of India earns enormous amount of money by selling hairs donated by the devotees. This is applicable to many temples around the world. In many villages, the barbers used to go from their respective houses to temples to do head shavings.
Beauty parlors decorate brides (Bridal makeup) and earn money. Barber shops besides giving a variety of haircuts and shavings, do head massages, hair dyeing and many handsome enhancing art works and earn a lot of money.  

Working capital required for this home based barber Shop, home based salon, or home based beauty parlor is negligible. Profit gained will always be much more.


Tasty samosas can be prepared at home and sold by employing sellers.