Thursday, December 17, 2009

Roadside restaurants near home

  • Road side restaurants and eateries are quite common in countries like India.

  • One can run such type of restaurant near ones own home.

  • Some road side eateries are very small.

  • They function on a small cart. That is on wheels.

  • Idly, dosai (dosa / pancake / uthappam / oothappam), vadai, pakoda / pakora, bonda, bajji, poori, pongal, rice varieties (like lemon rice, curd rice, tamarind rice, tomato rice, ghee rice, egg fried rice, pulav, biriyani), Indian bread (chappathi / chapatti), purotta / parantha / roti, mutton varieties, chicken varieties, soup, tea, coffee, cool drinks, dessert, biscuits / cookies, cakes, breads, bun, fruits, chocolates, toffees, etc. are served.

  • People can dine by sitting on folding chairs or by standing.

  • Food can also be packed and carried from there.

  • Quick and easy parceling system without any extra charges is really amazing!

  • This is a much profitable business.

  • This type of restaurants serves the needy customers, required food at cheap rate.

  • They can be moved at any time easily to nearby factories, cinema, shopping centres, apartments, etc to sell the food and brought back comfortably.

  • One can employ a few persons and make money by being at ones own house.


Tasty samosas can be prepared at home and sold by employing sellers.