Sunday, September 27, 2009

Earn money from henna

learn how to apply henna and make money very easily from home

  • Henna, also called heena, mehendi or maruthani is a plant.
  • Its leaves are made into paste and applied on the hands, feet, leg and hair to beautify the appearance.
  • Henna paste is usually applied in some patterns and desings to the skin using a plastic cone or a paint brush.
  • There are many patterns of applying henna.
  • Applying is painless and doesn’t involve any needle.
  • The effect is only temporary and the henna will vanish from the body after a few weeks.
  • The reddish brown color of mehendi is considered to bring prosperity.
  • Application of Henna has become very popular in the form of temporary tattoo and is liked by a lot.
  • It is totally natural, made from leaves.
  • The leaves are first dried and then powdered. While applying, the powder is mixed with water. This makes henna totally safe.
  • Learning the methods of application of henna is very easy.
  • One can learn how to apply henna and make money very easily from home.
  • The working capital required is very less and the profit will be much more.


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