Saturday, July 18, 2009

Earn doing editorial services from home

You can earn staying home easily by doing the following editorial services.

  • Copyediting: This is nothing but Checking and correcting the grammatical, stylistic and typographical errors.

  • Proofreading: Ensuring the copyedited changes have been properly made and no new errors are committed.

  • Editing: Experts write manuscripts. You can do Developmental editing and / or Book doctoring, so as to bring the manuscripts a good shape.

  • Ghost Writing: Writing articles or books using some nick name as author.

  • Copywriting or Business writing: To promote a product or a service.

  • Article writing for magazines, books and newspapers: Writing articles as required according to demand, trend, season, development, etc.

  • Providing content for web pages or web sites: It’s a good and easy way to make money.

  • Book writing: Writing books on many topics.

You can also become a publisher.


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