Thursday, July 17, 2008

Get Paid to Read Email, Become an Affiliate, Home based Data processing, Data entry, Data conversion, typing jobs.

Get Paid to Read Email.

  • By reading emails you can earn a decent income online. The money you can earn through this isn't much. But this is a convenient way to earn money. You may even receive promotional offers and special discounts. Some companies will pay you just to receive and or read e-mail advertisements. You will receive emails of selected categories. You will have to click a link in the email to be paid for it.

Become an Affiliate

  • Some companies offer affiliate programmes. Here, you promote a product on your blog. It may be a car, house, book, computer or any thing. The readers visit the business website. If they buy you will get a commission on percentage basis, ranging from 5% to 50% of the sale proceedings.

Home based Data processing, Data entry, Data conversion, typing jobs, etc.

  • Some companies offer outsourcing jobs for data entry and data conversion. Some require the services of typists. They have data in audio tapes. You can download these from their sites and do the typing job at your home and make money.


Madurai citizen said...

Are you earning in this line?
If so please furnish the links and also inform payments made ie paying regularly, and also inform the links who are cheating? by receiving money for registration. Will they not give money after the work is sent?
I request you to send typing work, if you have no time to do and pay moderately for me.

Sivasubramaniyan said...

r u earning like this. if so send me the details.


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