Friday, October 1, 2010

Funny and real ‘Get Rich Fast’ ideas

Say get rich quick, become a millionaire fast, earn uncountable revenue, or earn enormous money. Go through the following several ideas or tips, and decide weather to follow or not.

·        Start investing as early as possible and as much as feasible, and live a frugal life while saving the money. Don’t lay all the eggs in a single basket. Diversify. Wait for the amount of invested money to grow.

·        Marry someone who is very rich.

·        Buy lotteries to win great amount of money.

·        Study well, get good marks in competitive examinations, get selected for a well-paid job or good job, and earn money.

·        Have side businesses as well.

·        Be the owner of many different shops, employ good workers and earn while you are at work or not.

·        Act in movies and become a famous star.

·        Invest in some risky businesses like stock market, share market, mutual fund, chit fund and real estate.

·        Learn and earn from home through internet.

·        Carry on expanding your businesses carefully.


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